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7 Fast Action Strategies To  Adjust Your Energy When Life Hits Hard. 

January 04, 20243 min read

In one quick second, your energy can shift.  Energy shifts with emotions, hormones(even men), the weather, the environment, other people, a phone call, and traveling.  The truth is the list does not stop. Life and people can make your energy shift fast, the key is knowing how to know what you need when it happens and how to manage it well.  We can and will dive deep into this subject but for today I wanted to give you fast action strategies that you can take RIGHT NOW.  Diving deep and understanding how and why you shift is important but sometimes you don't have time for a deep dive.  Let's get you moving fast!

If your energy has shifted or you feel it coming on FOLLOW these SELF COACHING steps below. 

Here are 7 Fast Action Strategies to adjust your energy when life hits you hard. 👊

1. Prep the people around YOU........

Let the people in your life know that your energy has shifted and you need a few minutes to hit rewind.  Preparing and filling people in helps you catch your breath and gives them a great understanding of where your head's at.  

2. Take a minute to breathe.


Perception comes from you taking a second and literally catching your breath, PULL yourself away, walk away, pray, take a deep breath, then jump back in.   If you don’t do this step YOU are no good to others.  You won't be present and people need you to be present. That is what makes you good at being you. 

3. Reach out to someone who lights you up.

 Either call them, read their blog, or engage with them on Facebook.  In other words, attract those people right now today that pull you up. Step away from those that don’t. Even when that’s not physically possible, you can shut them out temporarily. When you pull way temporarily you will be more present to deal with them. In otherwards, if your energy is jolted by a negative person slow your engagement and try not to let them control your emotions.

4. Give a shout-out.

The best way to realign your energy is to simply thank someone. Tell them you appreciate them or tell them what they mean to you.  Yes, it matters. Pulling others up will pull you up.

5. Take care of one thing on your daunting to do list.

 You will feel a great sense of accomplishment. For example, take that bag of stuff that needs to go to Goodwill. Do it now!

6. Get 5 minutes of personal time in.

I know you must be sick of hearing this. As much as everyone says it, no one says what that means. But I will! I am telling you that it means you do whatever makes you feel good.  You are the only one that can determine that.  Paint your toes, read a book, exercise, shave, clean, watch TV, whatever it means to you.  It’s your journey! It's not Selfish. 

7. Turn on music and dance it out.

Okay, that’s a little hard while driving, but let it in your heart. Sing out loud and turn off that phone. Give it 3 minutes. It will get you ready to conquer the world. Music literally changes the state in your brain and helps you shift out of the overthinking brain.  Download a free resource on this topic by clicking here.  https://www.overthinkingproductivity.com

Coach YOURSELF with these questions:

Here are a few questions that will help you take action. Please reach out to me personally for any and all of your needs. Leisa@takeactioncoachingacademy.com

Keep growing as a leader the world needs the rockstar in YOU!

  • What shifted my energy?  

  • When I feel an energy shift what gets me back on track?

  • How can I apply the strategies above?

I would love to hear your thoughts! 

Coach Leisa!

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Leisa Jenkins

Wife, Mom, #1 Best Selling Author, Life & Leadership Coach, Rockstar!

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Join our email list and I promise to deliver ROCKSTAR STUFF!!

I would love to meet you!

Join our email list and I promise to deliver ROCKSTAR STUFF!!

Reach out to me personally I want to hear from you!

I would love to meet you!

Join our email list and I promise to deliver ROCKSTAR STUFF!!

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