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7 Ways To Have An Impactful Opinion So You Can Make A Real Impact In The Lives Of Others

January 01, 20245 min read

You open up your Facebook app, turn on the radio, talk to a friend, a leader, or even your neighbor and it is almost always a discussion about what's happening in the world or around us.  YES?  Sometimes it is a healthy conversation and sometimes it is a straight-up tug of war.  Opinions opinions opinions.   Do you get tired of hearing them?    

I get frustrated with leaders.  Leaders, who took an oath to impact people.  Leaders who are committed to change in our world. 

In my opinion, there is a way to deliver an opinion and there is a way not to. 

Leaders, influencers, and people who want to impact people DO NOT get to have an opinion. WHY? Well, read on! You may be surprised by my answer.  

What sparked this? When I opened up my Facebook page I see not one but many opinions by people who are not delivering it in a way that will actually impact others.

Today I am giving you 7 ways to get it right so we can make a true impact!

Here is the truth:  

Yes, we do get to have an opinion… we all have one, and I have a very strong opinion about many things. Sometimes we need to SHUT our mouths though. Our words, our opinions, and our energy… impact people either negatively or positively. When you post your opinion in a very strong manner on social media you are either hurting people or adding to them. Yes, you may gain followers, but what is the quality of those followers?  

Leaders are called to understand, have empathy, and be committed to being an asset to this world. When you claim yourself as a leader your words and thoughts matter. Going off about your side is unfair when you only know 2% of the other side.    

People do things because of guilt, trauma, hurts, blind spots, and more.  

P.S. We have our own junk. Your hard-pressed opinion is not helping people see your side, it’s pushing them away.  

 Away from healing, away from growing, away from being the best they can be.  

 How do you have an opinion and still, be you and make a difference?  READ ON!


7 Ways you can still have your opinion and impact people! 👊

1. Have your Opinion, BUT........

Have YOUR opinion, set your values, be YOU, but also see their side. Honor their side, their values, and who they are or who they may want to be. People are driven by confusion and often have a distorted opinion based on many factors you may not know. They are looking for leadership. They are looking for a community. You never know when you can be that for them. Your words can easily make people feel loved or drive them right into defense.

2. Have an opinion without aggression.

You are tired and mad. Ready for change. You feel passionate about certain topics, man I get that. Use that aggression for good. Don't let it drown YOU. Let them know where you stand but without aggression. Aggression turns into guilt, stress, and more.  Your true character shows through your actions and reactions.  REMEMBER that! 

3. Become aware.

When your opinion is full of aggression and anger, that could mean that you are hurting and need just what others need of you. Look and listen for what you need to hear first. Own your truth, your screw-ups, your own junk. Pause before posting and talking.

4. Build relationships and be tactful in your approach

Be tactful in your approach and communication. Don’t be a loose cannon. Most leaders and influencers have a goal to build a relationship. Being tactful in your approach will help you build the right relationship and get your point across.

5. Pull up your EMPATHY and lower your judgment.

This is a very hard one for most leaders. I struggle with the EMPATHY piece. WHY? Because I have seen the worst of the worst. I have experienced the worst of the worst. My thought process is "anyone can do it" I have seen people come out of terrible situations. I have coached people through terrible situations. I feel like with faith, prayer, and God all things are possible but I also know that some people are just not there and need another approach. I have a LET"S DO THIS, outlook! BUT Chances are you have no idea what people have been through or are going through. You don’t know what belief system they have molded. You can’t change that with one post. People need patience and a chance. I remember this with EVERYONE I work with and therefore my judgment radar is down and my empathy level is up! 

6. Shut your mouth. 😆

Close your lips listen and hear the people around you! I know it's hard with everything happening in the world. When you practice this you will become the loudest voice and the fastest game changer in the world.  When your ears are open, you process, post, and speak, RESULTS happen! 

 7. Support and STOP trying to change people.

We as leaders have been given a gift of seeing what people need and how they need to do it.  We have been created to have opinion.  Yet if we don't learn how to use it the right way, we will fail our gifts.  When your approach is less about changing people you will make a lasting impact.   When your focus is just to get your point across you will fail.  People will LIVE in defense and you will get nowhere.  Accept , where they are. Accept who they are. Seek to understand so you can be understood.  When you stop fighting them they will change on their own.  

That =change. That =growth.

That = YOU being heard, supported, and loved.

Coach YOURSELF with these questions:

Here are a few question to get you started on this topic. Please reach out to me personally for any and all of your needs. Leisa@takeactioncoachingacademy.com Keep growing as a leader the world needs the rockstar in YOU!

  • How can you be a MORE impactful leader?   

  •  How can your approach be more tactful?  

  • What can you add to this list?   

  • What change do you want to see happen?  

I would love to hear your thoughts! 

Coach Leisa!

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Leisa Jenkins

Wife, Mom, #1 Best Selling Author, Life & Leadership Coach, Rockstar!

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